Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: I own my own lot, how can I save on building a home?

Saving a lot of money while building a home on your own lot

In the present economy EVERYBODY is looking for new ways to save money. In this low point, businesses and industries are finding new, innovative ways to market themselves and reduce overhead so they can maximize profitability. In the auto industry, manufactures are starting to invest their money on energy effecient vehicles as rising energy costs have changed demand. Real Estate and Building is seeing a similar trend.

I have recently teamed up with Lake Norman Custom Builder, Greg Fisher promoting a new hybrid building program which focuses on getting clients into a house that they wouldn't normally be able to afford using a full service contract. I have not seen any other programs like this out there and it is unique to the Lake Norman area. Greg has already finished 2 homes using this program, saving the clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Using this program, you are simply building the home "along with" an experienced custom general contractor. To put it into simple terms, it is a cross between a full service contract and building the home yourself.

The negative aspect of building a home under a full service contract is the high price that you will pay a builder. The negative aspect of building a home on your own is having a lack of experience, the inability to sell within 2 years because of tax purposes, and not having a recommended subcontractor base.

This hybrid program is designed to overcome all of these pitfalls and deliver our client into a quality built home at a reasonable cost.

Please see the Lake Norman Hybrid Building Program links for more details.

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Lake Norman Real Estate: Internet Paves path to Real Estate Success

Internet is Real Estate way of the future

I recently came across a great article in the Herald which is a local Lake Norman publication. I'm going to put up some of the findings of the article.

- 80% of buyers look on the internet for real estate.
- Many homeowners are now trying to sell their homes as FSBO's and trying to avoid paying commission, although homes represented by agents historically sell faster and for a better price.
- The best thing to do in the current market is to select an Internet-savvy real estate agent to represent you.
- Buyers and sellers should use the internet to find an agent, because if you can find them online, so can others.
- It is the time to buy. The inventory is flooded on the market and now is the time to find a great deal.

Some of this information is pretty basic, but it shows that our economy and technology are ever changing and the way of doing things of old, are not always the way of the future. With energy costs going through the roof, people are turning to the internet to locate properties and for low cost marketing. Lets face it, the internet is the future of the real estate world.

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