Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: Brand NEW "Build it Together" Program that can save you hundreds of thousands!

Lake Norman "Build it Together" Program!

Economic times are difficult and EVERYONE is trying to stretch that dollar out to see how far you can make it last. Right now new construction is the way to go finding new deals and programs around every corner.

I have recently teamed with Greg Fisher, a Custom Builder that is well known around the lake norman area and has over 20 yrs. of experience in the custom homebuilding industry. Together we are promoting the "Build it Together" program which focuses on getting people into a custom home at a very affordable price.

Click on the link to see some of our clients homes!

I would like to share with you how much some of them saved by using this program!

So why would you want to build your own home?
- It empowers you to take control of your own project
- Focus your budget on labor and materials, rather than markup and overhead costs
- You can design/customize your home from the ground up
- No fees for changes or late upgrades, simply pay the actual cost
- Move into your home with EQUITY!
- Achieve your 80% LTV using your equity in the program

How much can I really save?
- Most custom builders in the Lake Norman area charge $200.00+ per sq. ft.
- Our clients have paid between $117 to $155 per sq. ft. depending on level of finish
- Under our Program, we charge a consulting fee of $12.00 per sq. ft.
- On a custom 4,000 sq. ft. home you pay a builder approx. $800,000 - you can build it using our program for approx. $520,000
That’s a savings of approx. $280,000!

Meet your NC licensed General Contractors

Greg Fisher
- 20+ years of experience
- Served on the NC committee to adopt the International Building Code
- Master Carpenter
- Green Builder

Jeremy Adair
- Has built over 175 homes in the DC and Charlotte markets
- Certified Site Inspector (CMCSI) for the city of Charlotte and Meck. County
- Licensed NC General Contractor and Real Estate Broker
- Graduated from Penn State University in 02’

How the Program Works
- The house is permitted to a licensed GC who manages the project to meet all county building requirements
- Use the GC’s recommended sub contractors or we will help you find others
- Utilize our 25+ years experience, solid sub base, and contractor discounts
- You pay all bills and supervise construction
- With a licensed GC pulling permits, financing is available and you are free to sell the house at any time. If you pull your own permit, you must live in the home for 2 years and you are responsible for your own financing.
- Contractor fees are set at $12 per sq. ft. and are paid over the course of construction
- No additional fees for changes, upgrades, or overhead. You pay actual cost
- Full service contracting is also available
- No building experience is required, we provide experience and teach every one of our clients the right way to build a house.

This program allows you to
- Use from our high quality sub contractor base
- Design your own home
- Build on your own lot
- Control your own project and get the most for your investment
- Move into your new home with EQUITY!
- Achieve your 80% LTV with your instant equity

To find out more information on this exciting program contact
Jeremy Adair
NC Licensed GC
NC Licensed Broker
Phone: 704.315.8106
Fax: 704.892.9766

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