Monday, July 28, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: Want to save hundreds of thousands on your next custom home?

New Hybrid Home Building Program Introduced to the Lake Norman Area

DK Construction has introduced a new building program that consolidates the strengths of a full service construction contract and owner/builder programs. Greg Fisher, NC General Contractor and Project Manager, points out the problems of owner/builder programs, such as obtaining favorable financing, managing subs, hands on management, and the requirement to hold the house for 2 years before you can sell it. By contrast, those seeking a full service contract will be subjected to the high cost of doing business.

A hybrid construction program was developed to take the best of both programs and help people get the best product at the lowest price. A flat fee of $12 per square foot is charged to the owner. A DK Construction general contractor pulls the building permit, provides cost estimates, manages the job, provides all sub contractors and oversees all county inspections. The home owner acts as a superintendent, aiding in scheduling and paying all bills. The end result is that a quality home is built with huge savings. For example, under this program, local home owners have built high end homes in the $118 to $155 per square foot range. As comparison, most full service contracts in this market are priced at over $200 per square foot.

Home owners are not required to have construction experience. DK Construction’s general contractors provide the required experience and consultation to keep the job on track and eliminate costly mistakes; however, homeowners need to allocate an average of 1 hour a day to keep on top of their responsibilities.

With real estate changing, buyers need to buy at wholesale prices to help maintain 80% Loan to Value and protect their equity. This hybrid program does this and much more! For more information, contact Jeremy Adair @ 704.315.8106 or visit

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